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The risks associated with international trade can be broken down into the following components:

  • Country Risk (Political and Transfer risk)
  • Counterparty Risk (the ability of the counterparty to make good on its commitments)
  • Currency Risk
  • Interest Rate risk

All these risks can be transferred to LGF on a non recourse basis. The simplest way of this transfer can be done by LGF “purchasing” by way of discounting the paper that the exporter holds. If for reasons of customer relationships this sale/purchase can not be seen to be undertaken by the holder, LGF is able to provide a default guarantee to the holder.

In summary LGF will buy (discount), for its own account the following instruments:

  • Deferred payment LCs
  • Bills of Exchange
  • Promissory Notes

Other forms of trade receivables may also be considered for discounting


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The International Forfaiting Association, IFA, is the worldwide trade association for commercial companies, financial institutions and intermediaries engaged in forfaiting.